Studio Nine 13 is, and will continue to be, my pick for all my production and post-production work.┬áTheir customer service and dedication to seeing the product through, from inception to final delivery, is second to none. Quinton has long been my go-to guy for my editing needs; helping me produce creative and visually appealing content for The Daily Buzz, as well as several other national television shows I’ve created and managed. Today, Studio Nine 13 is not only responsible for editing the newly-rebirthed The Daily Buzz, in-show and in post, but is also responsible for the successful delivery to and from Closed Captioning and then ultimately to its distributors. It’s a tedious task and one that calls for extreme attention to detail and work at all times of the day, but I absolutely never have to worry that it will get done. I highly recommend Studio Nine 13 for any and all of your production and post-production needs.
Reina Carbetta

Sr. Executive Producer, The Daily Buzz